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#59 Honduras


Most of Honduras is quite dangerous. While not necessarily risk-averse, I didn’t find it worth it to head to the mainland. An experienced traveler, especially a male, should be fine, but be careful. Don’t try to pick up girls, don’t go out at night without running it by a local, etc.

As far as Roatan goes though, the island is insulated from the problems on the mainland. It is pretty touristy, and so expect the usual things there. IE, zip-lining, animal “experiences”, shops that are twice as expensive when cruise ships are around, etc.  I went on a medical mission trip to help fit people with prescription glasses and discover potential eye diseases. It was a very enlightening trip both personally and professionally, but most of my photos will probably not apply to what you are looking for.

So, while there is a whole country you can explore, that while usually, I can get a feel for the places I don’t visit and advise on it, I know so little about it, I would feel disingenuous doing so here.


Roatan (You could do the highlights in a day, any longer and you’re either struggling to find something, or you are scuba diving and/or hanging out on the beach)- 

Coxen Hole – This is where the boat docks and where the airport is. I’d avoid shopping here, or staying long.

West Bay – This is the nice and fancy resort area. The best beach and the best bars are here. It is more expensive to stay here, but this is still probably the best area to hang out in. Water taxis are the most cost-effective way to get anywhere else.

West End – This is the snorkeling headquarters, and is slightly cheaper than West Bay, with a $3 boat ride to West Bay.

French Harbor – May be worth a trip, but nothing on the east side of the island is as good as what you can find on the west side.

Gumbalimba – A pretty touristy “park” but still fun. Solid ziplining, fun animals, and good photo ops.

Iguanas at Gambalina Park
Parrots at Gambalina Park
Monkeys at Gambalina Park



Volunteering – 

This has nothing to do with your trip, but volunteering, in general, is a pretty neat experience. Definitely look for efficiencies on day one. Everyone’s brains think differently, and while non-doctors are not nearly as valuable as doctors, or those in training, I think I was able to still contribute. Even if not, my friends made me feel like I did!

Church in Coxen Hole

Some of the guy volunteers and myself
Volunteers, future eye doctors whom were kind enough to let me tag along


Country-level of difficulty – Roatan 2/10 Rest of country 7/10

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