Author: Preston Nix

I'm on a quest to see every country in the world before I die. I was fortunate to have traveled a lot growing up, and have made a conscious effort to see many more. I travel to meet the people, see the sites, and live the life. Additionally, I try to find a business that the country I am in could use. So, find a gap in the economy that could be filled with a business from another country. Therefore, this blog will be useful for people trying to learn more about random countries, for family who want to make sure I am alive, and for people interested in what other countries are missing. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave your e-mail if you would like to get in contact with me. Especially if you are interested in any investment opportunities in the countries I visit.
By Preston Nix

Driving in Congo

Driving here has definitely been entertaining. All of my co-workers complement me on my driving skills, and ask if I was a professional driver back home. It’s funny that, even though I am a decade younger than most of them, I have been driving longer than all of them combined. Congolese roads, for better or…

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